Image Retouching

It is not necessary that every image you click with your camera may come out perfectly. That is where retouching image helps. This action will wipe out any visible blemishes, remove dust fragments or recolorthe image to a desired color palate. Such type of manipulation will allow the images to come out beautifully without spoiling the end photo.This editing comes in handy when the photos relate to commercial photo shoots, portfolios or even wedding albums. Such photos need to be perfect from every angle and the quick succession of photo taking or any jerks during the action may disturb the natural alignment of the process, producing imperfect photos.
At Done images we try to adhere to customer ideas and needs to enhance and retouch images keeping them as natural as possible. Our digital image editing software provides the necessary ability to control the editing process so that the final images turn out exactly as they had been visualized. In addition to these functions, this process also allows for panoramic editing, property image editing, restoring an image or even headshot formatting. We are able to work on a diverse range of file formats including cr2, Jpeg, PNG, Tiff, DNG or PSD among others. Photos will remain for a lifetime and this process will allow thefinal print to be as perfect as possible. Digitally enhancing the images at this point of time is easier to do and will offer well proven results. Our firm provides such functions at very competitive rates especially when it is a large order with numerous photos.
  • Restoration
  • Removing logos and tattoos
  • Cleaning and cloning
  • Replacing missing areas in the photographs
  • Removing dust and scratches from image
  • Removing persons and unwanted objects
  • Adding/removing background
  • Black and white photo colorization
  • Image manipulation
  • Jewelry photo retouching
  • KeyWording - Adding caption, title and description

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