While automation is great, there is no replacement for a human. Human error can be eliminated with the help of automation. But flaws do creep in when you use technology. The product photos are what drive sales of your brand. If it is not up to the mark, the product gets a bad name. So, is it possible to edit photos and get good results with the help of automated photo editing? This blog will look into the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

Getting to know about automation and AI

Artificial Intelligence replicates human intelligence and it has applications where the tasks are basic. Based on historical data, this technology learns and becomes more powerful. It is similar to computers which function on the basis of inputs given to them. AI plays a role in product photography. Web-based photo editors are completely executed by computers.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

People overestimate the efficiency of computers. AI can play havoc with the product photos and does not add any value to them.

AI has its limitations

From a creative standpoint, there are limitations tothe technology. Photographs at photo editing studios are still being edited manually. This is because this gives better control over the editing process. Manual tweaking is always required.

Creativity takes a backseat

AI cannot meet all the expectations of the clients. And manual work is needed to get the desired output. If you are passionate about your work, you would prefer to do the editing manually.

It is not flawless

Quality is one of the most important things for product photos. You have to check the quality of work done with the help of AI. You could have spent the time manipulating other photos. So, in the end, it seems a human could have done the work faster.

Doing away with manual work is not possible

Reviewing each image is needed before assigning it to the computers. This is because every image requires a different approach and treatment. Analysing the image first and deciding how you want to approach it is important.

Advantages of Automated Editing

There are certain benefits offered by automated editing that cannot be denied. They ensure the editing gets done in a short time when the workflow is huge.

Ensures cost-effectiveness

Since you need not invest in employees, photo-editing technology can reduce the cost. However, reviewing and fixing mistakes may take away that benefit.

It takes care of basic edits

Basic images with higher levels of contrast can be handled with the help of AI. An example of this is Amazon product photos. Special effects like creating shadows, an absolute necessity in jewellery and cosmetics photography, will require manual editing.

Reduce the tedious work

Basic edits may mean slogging and takes away the passion. AI can be a good assistant by reducing the time and energy required in basic edits. An example of this is background removal which is time-taking. It can be easily tackled with the help of automated software.