Investing in images that represent your brand well can make a difference in the sales. In this blog, we will discuss how product photos can drive conversions.

Conversion rate optimization and its importance

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is important because it lets you know what is missing in your conversion funnel. It makes sure your product pages are pushing the users to buy the products.

Best practices to create high-converting product photos

While there are myriad products, there are some universal rules for product photos. To ensure your product photos stand out, there are tested tactics that can be helpful.

  • Use high-quality images

Shoppers on e-commerce sites rely on your product photos to buy the products. Many shoppers aver that they look for quality images when they do research for buying. Investing in a good photographer will give handsome returns.

  • Good Lighting

Lighting plays a role in making the products appear natural in the photos. It is also necessary so that all the features of a product gets highlighted.

  • Large, high-resolution photos

Since the buyers want to check out all the details in a product, it is better to have large, high-resolution photos. This will help them in making their purchasing decision.

  • Photos from multiple angles

Putting yourself in the shoes of a customer will help you figure out what they want to look at. Getting photos from different angles will help a shopper get a better picture of the product.

  • Use lifestyle images to show products

Giving the customers the right context of the product will help in making the purchasing decision. Using lifestyle images will provide the shopper a better idea about how the product can be used. Apparel products, for example, can sell better with lifestyle images.

  • Ensure your photos represent your brand

Make sure your photos represent your brand well. Using photos of people on landing pages helps in conversions. Avoid using stock images that feature over-the-top models because they look unnatural. Accurate representation of the product in terms of colour, size and scale is important.

Be generous with the number of images

More photos will give more opportunities for customers to see the products in detail. Product images in different styles will provide more visual information to make a buying decision. Realizing the importance of placing a number of images, well-known fashion brands use eight images on the e-commerce sites.

Test your images for your unique business

Testing is done to see whether the photos are suitable for conversion. A/B testing can help you find out which photos can be used. You may test the image size, product angles in photos, number of images, image background, amount of white space and auxiliary products used in the photo, apart from others.

Summing all this up, it is necessary to having product images that can boost conversions. You need to focus on the quality of images as well as the number. Everything rests on whether the image will work or not. Therefore, testing is a must before you use it on an e-commerce site.