Videos can help you beat your competitors. They will bring to life otherwise not-so-inspiring product photography. Creating videos doesn’t require a huge budget. In this blog, we will discuss the tips on using product videos to boost online sales and why incorporating product videos will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Where to incorporate the product videos 

Using the videos in the right place and in the right way will get viewed by the prospective. If placed on the product page, it is essential to keep it brief. If done on the homepage, the video must answer the FAQs. Product videos can be used on social media. Feed, stories, and paid ads are the various ways in which product videos can be placed on social media. Videos can be used for email marketing also. Encouraging email subscribers to click to watch a video will increase the traffic to the website.

Points to be kept in mind before using videos for social media ads

Make sure that the file size and type are appropriate before placing the video. Facebook has made captions mandatory. It is optional but recommended for Instagram.

Having the right strategy is necessary 

A clear plan is a must before you go ahead with creating the videos. You must be aware of what you would require for the shoot. Having a clear idea about what you want to achieve with the video is necessary. Also, having the right talent with you will make the task easier.

Keeping the budget within your reach 

There is not an inkling of doubt that getting videos done is a costly affair. However, spending the entire monetary resource on video is insensible. You can negotiate rates with the video production companies. Post-production and editing may add to the total expenditure.

Different types of videos can be used

There are many ways to showcase the product. You can use several minutes explainers or three-to-five-second clips. A 360-degree view of the product will give a real-life feel to the customers. Short animated videos that are looping and up to 15 seconds in length are GIFs. GIFs have the ability to grab the attention of the customers as they make great backgrounds for memes and text overlays. A tool like Giphy can make creating GIFs far easier than videos. They can show exactly what the product is and how it works. User-generated videos like a product review by a customer will go a long way in establishing the worth of a product and increasing sales.

Start without any hesitation

Taking the first step in the journey is the most important thing. And product videos are no exception to the rule. The moment you decide to do a product shoot, your marketing effort has begun. And you will see the results when you incorporate the product videos on the product page, home page, and social media ads.

Outsource editing of videos

Photoshoots can be challenging, given the resources and expertise that are needed. However, you can ease off some burden by outsourcing editing work.