Why Do Designers Take The Help Of Jewelry Photo Retouching Services?

Jewelry designers take the help of jewelry photo editing service since it can increase the impact of the images. The intricate design patterns will require a skilled retoucher to enhance its appeal. Here is how jewelry photo editors work.

Image selection

Editors start by selecting the best images from a photoshoot. This includes shots of different angles, close-ups, and variations of the jewelry to capture its intricate details.

Color correction

Achieving the correct colors of gemstones and metals is paramount. Editors adjust white balance and lighting to ensure that the jewelry looks as close to its real-life appearance as possible.

Cleaning and retouching

Any imperfections on the jewelry, such as scratches or dust, are meticulously removed. This involves detailed retouching to make the piece look flawless.

Enhancing gemstones

Editors work on highlighting the sparkle and brilliance of gemstones like diamonds. This often involves a combination of contrast adjustments and meticulous retouching.

Background removal

To create a clean and professional look, editors often replace the original background with a neutral or custom backdrop. This technique allows the jewelry to stand out.

Clipping path

Editors use clipping paths to create precise selections around the jewelry, making it easier to isolate and edit different elements of the piece.

Detail emphasis

The small intricacies of jewelry, such as engravings, clasps, and chain links, are emphasized, ensuring that every aspect of the piece is showcased beautifully.

Reflection and shadow creation

Jewelry photo editing service can add realistic reflections and shadows to create a 3D effect, making the jewelry appear as if it’s sitting on a reflective surface.


Maintaining a consistent style across all images is essential for a cohesive and professional presentation when editing a series of jewelry pieces for a brand or catalog.

Quality control

Before the final delivery, editors perform quality checks to ensure that the images meet the client’s specifications and industry standards.


Designers rely on jewelry photo retouching services to enhance the impact of their images. Jewelry photo editors play a crucial role in highlighting intricate details, correcting colors, removing imperfections, and ensuring a professional presentation.


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